[15:12, 21/08/2020] Maureen: I learned from my darling mother that there is no such thing as coincidence. Everything is Godincidence…
[15:14, 21/08/2020] Maureen: We learn to see God’s Hand in every aspect of our lives… good, bad, or indifferent. And for everything we give thanks, whether good, or bad, or indifferent.

random chance or something else

Have you ever had something happen to you that you couldn’t explain?

Maybe you just attributed it to coincidence. But what if it was more than a random chance; what if it was orchestrated by God?

In this book, we invite you to read true stories of ordinary people and decide for yourself whether you think it was random chance or something else – Coincidence or God-Incidence. Regardless of your decision, these stories are meant to inspire, encourage, and uplift you.