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Star Group

 I thank God because I’m now sure that the purpose of creating this group – To spread the Good News – is nearly been achieve by the creation of Star Group : This name comes from my imagination with the help of Gerard Ross

 Why Star?

Becaus everyone in this world is a star to God …In this case we are four stars to increase the value

 Of Eelmoh group which has a great  history to me

This group is formed  by  4 stars :






Let us see which star shine more

 The intention is to make the group grow in the love of God’s Word that can transform our hearts.Let’s select  the messages each one can convey day after day.Every day a message comes : Let us receive it transform it and send it to eelmoh through

A word… just a word

A paragraph

A video film

Link to these sites

Try go get the main idea joining the first reading the psalm and the Gosper

We can link to these websites

conference America



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